The PowerDNS extension is not production ready and under development.



Serveradmin PowerDNS extension is optional and not enabled by default.

PowerDNS is an authoritative nameserver and recursor with different (SQL) backends.

See PowerDNS Homepage

What it is

PowerDNS extension can be used to manage DNS domains and records in Serveradmin and synchronise them to a PowerDNS authoritative nameserver with a PostgreSQL database backend.

This allows to manage DNS information for your hosts from the Serveradmin Servershell and Remote API (and it’s benefits such as authentication and authorisation).

How to use it

PowerDNS Authoritative Nameserver

To use the PowerDNS extension you must have a running PowerDNS authoritative nameserver with a PostgreSQL backend.

See Installing PowerDNS and Generic PostgreSQL backend

Note that Serveradmin does not manage the PowerDNS database schema!

A simple setup could look like this:


Depending on your needs for scalability, performance and redundancy your setup might look different.

Django Database Settings

To advertise PowerDNS PostgreSQL backend to Serveradmin add the pdns connection via .env file, environment variables or settings.py:

    # Serveradmin database connection
    'default': {},
    # Optional PowerDNS database connection
    'pdns': {
        'ENGINE': 'django.db.backends.postgresql',
        'NAME': env('POSTGRES_PDNS_DB', default=None),
        'USER': env('POSTGRES_PDNS_USER', default=None),
        'PASSWORD': env('POSTGRES_PDNS_PASSWORD', default=None),
        'HOST': env('POSTGRES_PDNS_HOST', default=None),
        'PORT': env('POSTGRES_PDNS_PORT', default=5432),
        'OPTIONS': {
            'client_encoding': 'UTF8',

The user role must have at least the privileges






See PostgreSQL Privileges